bib·li·og·ra·pher || ‚bɪblɪ'ɒgrəfə n. compiler of bibliographies

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • Allan H. Stevenson — Allan Henry Stevenson (June 20, 1903  – March 31, 1970) was an American bibliographer specializing in the study of hand made paper and watermarks who single handedly created a new field: the bibliographical analysis of paper. [1] Through his …   Wikipedia

  • Book size — Comparison of some book sizes based on American Library Association The size of a book is generally measured by the height against the width of a leaf,[1] or sometimes the height and width of its cover.[2] A series o …   Wikipedia

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  • Moritz Steinschneider — (1816–1907) Moritz Steinschneider (March 30, 1816, Prostějov, Moravia Austria– 1907) was a Bohemian bibliographer and Orientalist. He received his early instruction in Hebrew from his father, Jacob Steinschneider (b. 1782; d. March, 1856), who… …   Wikipedia

  • Edward Allde — Edward Allde, or Alde (died 1628) was an English printer in London during the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras. He was responsible for a number of significant texts in English Renaissance drama, including some of the early editions of plays by… …   Wikipedia

  • William Stansby — (1572 ndash; 1638) was a London printer and publisher of the Jacobean and Caroline eras, working under his own name from 1610. One of the most prolific printers of his time, Stansby is best remembered for publishing the landmark first folio… …   Wikipedia

  • Douglas Crawford McMurtrie — (July 20, 1888 – September 29, 1944) was an American typeface designer, graphic designer, historian and bibliographer of printing. Contents 1 Early career 2 Involvement with design and typography 3 Later career …   Wikipedia

  • Meyer Roest — Meijer Marcusz Roest (19 December 1821, Amsterdam – 20 November 1889, Amsterdam) was a Dutch bibliographer. Life When Roest became connected with a firm of booksellers in Amsterdam, he acquired a taste for bibliographical studies, and as a result …   Wikipedia

  • ḤIBAT ALLAH, ABU AL-BARAKĀT (Nathanel) BEN ALL (Eli) AL-BAGHDĀDĪ — (second half 11th–first half 12th century), philosopher, physician, and biblical commentator. Abu al Barakāt spent most of his life in Baghdad. He was a well known physician and served at the court of Caliph al Mustanjid (1160–70). At the age of… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Universal Decimal Classification — The Universal Decimal Classification is a system of library classification developed by the Belgian bibliographers Paul Otlet and Henri la Fontaine at the end of the 19th century. It is based on the Dewey Decimal Classification, but uses… …   Wikipedia

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